Guardian Care Management helps professionals who would like healthcare or financial management services for their clients. We partner with medical providers, financial planners, and elder law attorneys.

There are many resources and options available that we can implement to coordiate care and ensure all needs are being met.



Medical providers (physicians, nurses, therapists, discharge planners, long term care providers)

  • Assist patients with the transition to home after rehabilitation or a hospital stay
  • Provide referrals to community services and programs related to client diagnoses
  • Maintenance of medical records, appointments, and medications
  • Serve as Attorney-in-Fact for healthcare durable power of attorney document
  • Act as a liaison to families who live at a distance

Fiduciaries: (Financial planners/trust officers/bank personnel)

  • Evaluate a senior's ability to live independently
  • Recommendations for appropriate care options
  • Coordination of services from providers of financial and/or medical services
  • Care management in collaboration with a bank or trustee
  • Communication with long-distance relatives


  • Serve as attorney-in-fact in power of attorney documents
  • Administer trusts and manage general finances
  • Care coordination for clients whose needs are related to injury or catastrophic events
  • Standby guardian for a guardian who is a family member
  • Expert advice on specific benefits and community resources available
  • Manage a worker’s compensation case to assure needs are met with least work time lost
  • Liaison between insurance companies, medical professionals, client, and counsel


Guardian Care Management
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