When it comes to caring for a family member it can sometimes be stressful and overwhelming. We partner with caregivers to offer support and expert advice to ensure the best possible care.  Guardian Care Managements evaluates individual situations to identify resources or services that may be helpful. 


Guardian Care Management can assist you in managing your family member’s affairs by providing solutions to medical, residential or financial matters resources.  Caring for someone can be confusing and overwhelming.  We serve as partners with caregivers to offer support and expert advice to ensure the best possible care.  We advocate for people with medical diagnoses to include dementia, mental illness, cancer, developmental disability, and more. 

Guardian Care Managment specializes in helping out of town care givers with elderly relatives in King County, Pierce County, Mason County, Kitsap County, and Thurston County.  Our care managers can arrange in home care or monitor care received at nursing homes or other residential care facilities.

At times when caregiving becomes especially stressful, like with hospital admissions, changes in residence, or new diagnoses, Guardian Care Management can help eliminate anxiety by find solutions.   Our services are available 24 hours per day so that we can be there in times of crisis and provide peace of mind.

Our office often receives calls from caregivers who are noticing a family member’s decline in ability.  Our free wellness evalluation can determine the areas of life which are of greatest concern.  If there is disagreement within the family about the care being given, Guardian Care Management can act as a liaison to determine appropriate care.  Caregivers may feel confident about providing general care but, when it comes to community resources, benefit eligibility, or professional referrals a care manager can provide results specific to each unique circumstance.

Did you know there may be options available to you for arranging care management services for your loved one? These options include:

  • Family Medical Leave Act: Under the FMLA, your employer may be required to give you up to 12 weeks of unpaid, job-protected leave, to care for a sick parent.   Employers may be reluctant to provide leave, so be sure to fully understand your rights.
  • Flextime: Your employer may be willing to let you work on flextime. This is when you get your work done on your own time, but so it does not affect productivity.
  • Leave of Absence: This is a less formal version of the FMLA, but may work just as well.   However, your job won't be legally guaranteed in a leave of absence.
  • Paid time off: You could start banking sick days, personal days and vacation days. This may not interrupt your job's productivity or your finances.

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