Guardian Care Management serves people who would like support being more independent or need help managing financial or care services.  We are a professional care management company which provides expert care coordination, health care advocacy, fiduciary and guardianship services.

We have many service options available and will work with you to ensure your needs are being met. 


Guardian Care Management provides fiduciary services, expert care coordination, health care advocacy, and guardianship services to adults and the families who love them.  Our years of experience include working with people who have diagnoses like cancer, dementia, developmental disability, mental illness, and others.   Our clients choose to plan ahead so that they can enjoy life now without worrying about what the future may bring.  Guardian Care Management is a caring and trustworthy partner in serving medical, financial, and residential needs.
Examples of people whom Guardian Care Management can help:

  • Families with an adult child who is developmentally disabled and want to see their child receive the best level of care by planning now to reduce the impact of future crisis or traumatic loss.
  • Elder law attorneys seeking fiduciary support for their clients
  • Accountants referring their clients for help with bill-pay or other basic fiduciary services
  • Performers, athletes, or others who travel a lot and are unable to attend to their affairs at home
  • People with physical health issues wanting assistance in handling medical or financial affairs
  • Professionals and executives who find it cost-effective or productive to use a care manager
  • Preference for a concierge to provide information or services pertaining to their healthcare
  • Persons without family who want a power of attorney in place to see their wishes are carried out
  • Trust beneficiary needing a more affordable trustee than the services of a bank or attorney

Guardian Care Management serves clients in Seattle, Tacoma, Bremerton, Olympia, Shelton, and the surrounding areas.  We are available 24 hours a day to provide support when needed.

Guardian Care Management
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