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Guardian Care Management can assist you in obtaining support and services to ensure your loved one is safe and cared for in a way which specifically meets their needs.  Our elder care consultants can evaluate the situation, identify resources and services which are available, and guide you through the process. 

When asked how they are feeling or how they are doing, the older adult may reply that everything is fine.  Even when asked specific questions about finances or medications, they may decline assistance and say they have no problems.  It is usually a person’s family or friends, who are the first to identify concerns that a person needs help.


  • Unpaid bills        
  • Poor hygiene        
  • Recent falls        
  • Forgetting medications or appointments
  • Decline in driving skills        
  • Personality changes        
  • Unintended weight loss                 

A care manager is like a professional relative who is close by to help your loved one.  Guardian Care Management is passionate about taking a personable and professional approach to provide support and guidance for clients and their families.  Caring for a loved one is hard work!  We help relieve you and your loved one from stress to allow more free time and peace of mind.  Providing expert care coordination, healthcare advocacy, and guardianship services is what Guardian Care Management does best.


  • Provide interventions to prevent a crisis or unnecessary hospitalizations
  • Visit clients and provide regular reports to out-of-town family
  • Facilitate referrals to home health care agencies, residential facilities, or community resources
  • Handle client finances to relieve the family or caregiver of doing so
  • Supply guidance in the often confusing hospital and nursing home systems
  • Act as liaison between family members who may disagree on care for a loved one
  • Administer evaluations to help determine whether a person is safe living independently
  • Serve family by visiting a parent in the nursing home to review records & observe care
  • Move or assist with a family member’s move to an assisted living residence or nursing home
  • Screen, arrange, and monitor in-home care providers to allow a person to stay in their home.

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