Nurse Advocate

At Guardian Care Management our registered nurses are well educated and experienced to help provide you with the support you need when facing  challenging medical decisions.  Treatments and care options can be overwhelming and confusing.  We can be a liaison between you, your family, and healthcare providers.  Guardian Care Management can collaborate and manage your care to ensure all your needs are being met.

Nurse Advocacy

Providing a plan to manage your illness so your wishes are followed now and in the future

Preparing you for changes that lie ahead to give you control in your life

Partnering with family to find resources or oversee care for their loved one

With the many specialists involved in health care today, people with complex illnesses need an advocate.  A nurse care manager has the expertise and experience to act on your behalf or that of a loved one.  Nurse care managers at Guardian Care Management are prepared for appointments and able to provide the doctor with important information about concerns and changes which affect care, treatment, or results.  After the appointment, we review medication changes, explain recommended treatment options, and provide research and resources.  We keep a comprehensive medical record which includes appointments, medications, treatments, and results to provide medical history that is crucial in making future treatment decisions.

At Guardian Care Management, our nurse care managers have an understanding of medical issues and the health care system which enable them to advocate effectively and efficiently with improved outcomes.  Medical and medication errors are high and rising.  Without an advocate, patients may receive less care or treatment than their doctor recommends.  Whether you have an acute or chronic illness, having an advocate improves quality of care. 

The hospital and nursing home settings are also important places to have an advocate to oversee care and provide support.  Our regular visits to a care facility can assure appropriate care and confirm needs are being met.  Your nurse care manager collaborates with the healthcare providers to guide discharge planning.  In addition, we see that you receive referrals to community services and programs related to your diagnosis. 

In the case of a family who has a loved one with dementia, Guardian Care Management can oversee care and provide regular updates.  Family will be alerted to problems and potential solutions.  Guardian Care Management can only provide information to family members if the client wishes for us to do so or if the family serves as guardian or has power of attorney for the client.  Our focus is respect and confidentiality.

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