Guardian Care Management understands that keeping up with healthcare needs can be overwhelming.  We can assist you or your family member with many different healthcare aspects from medication management, advocating on your behalf, management and coordination of medical appointments, and more. We are here to provide support and help you understand all of the options available to you.


With so many specialists involved in health care today, people who have complex medical conditions need an advocate.  Our nurse advocates ensure you receive care matched to your preferences and values.  The nurse care managers at Guardian Care Management will be prepared for your appointment to provide the doctor with important information about concerns and changes which could affect care, treatment or results. Learn More.

We can provide research and education to help you more readily identify medications and provide assistive reminder devices.  Our nurse care managers are able to identify potential medication errors or drug interactions that should be brought to the attention of your physician and pharmacist.  Guardian Care Management can keep a record of medications, a history of their effectiveness, and reasons for changes to help guide next steps in your medical treatment.

Guardian Care Management offers a Memory Wellness program for people with dementia.  Our Memory Wellness coaches provide a comprehensive plan to recommend specific Memory Wellness activities, services, and support.  Our instructors can provide individualized sessions in your home or residential facility.  The Guardian Care Management Memory Wellness program is administered in an unhurried and safe environment.  It may be used for people with varying degrees of memory impairment.  We slowly challenge the person with memory loss to improve or maintain cognitive function.  Guardian Care Management can also provide community resources, education, support, and information to families.  Our Memory Wellness Program is designed to give participants confidence and increase their quality of life.

Guardian Care Management assists families who reside out of town or are unable to monitor care provided by nursing homes, hospitals, or other healthcare providers.  We provide monthly visits to include monitoring of medication changes, identifying care concerns, and soliciting client needs.  Our nurse care managers can facilitate continuity of care by providing doctors and caregivers important history or the bigger picture of your family member’s needs.  Guardian Care Management is available 24 hours per day 7 days per week to take care of crisis situations of which you may be unable to attend.  We understand that you may be busy with your immediate family needs or a career and would appreciate an extra hand to see that your family member is receiving appropriate care at all times.

Guardian Care Management educates and guides people at any stage of life who are pro-active in planning for the future.  We can discuss the Washington Advance Directive and the Physician Orders for Life-Sustaining Treatment (POLST).  We can help you prepare the information you should have before seeing an attorney for future planning.  Guardian Care Management can answer questions about what to expect and can provide organization and management of paperwork to help maintain control at the end-of-life.

Our compassionate care managers help people diagnosed with a terminal illness by offering education and information on treatment options and complementary therapies.  Guardian Care Management can also support the family of the ill person to lighten the load to permit family members to make the most of time with their loved one.  We also work in partnership with hospice or medical providers by monitoring care providers and tracking medical care. 

After a loved one’s passing, Guardian Care Management can continue to help support family. We can assist with tasks such as offering support in choosing funeral arrangements, organizing personal items, and moving belongings.  We can help the remaining family and friends to perform many of the practical tasks which follow a death or even serve as probate administrator to relieve you of many of these duties.

A durable power of attorney (DPOA) is a legal document prepared by an attorney for Guardian Care Management to be named.  The durable power of attorney may be set up to be general or specific.   A client might choose Guardian Care Management to serve as DPOA if they have no family or friends that are willing or able to serve on their behalf.  In addition, our agency may serve in this capacity if the client would like to be assured their wishes are followed or to relieve family of this duty.  For people who have named an attorney-in-fact, Guardian Care Management can serve as a secondary agent to be named within the power of attorney document.

A guardian is appointed by the Superior Court to act for a person whom the court has found to be incapacitated.  A guardian is responsible for the individual’s care while considering and respecting the individual’s preferences.  The duties of a Certified Professional Guardian are overseen by the Superior Court.  The guardian must adhere to strict legal requirements including regular reporting to the Court.  A guardian is only appointed when all other options are exhausted.

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