Standby or Alternate Services

Our team at Guardian Care Management can help to provide support for your future or that of your loved one.  We provide you with a trusted option for situations in which you or a family member are unable to serve as guardian, attorney-in-fact, or trustee for your loved one.  With Guardian Care Management placed in this important role, your wishes will be carried out according to your direction.

Standby Guardian, Alternate Power of Attorney or Alternate Trustee

The best choice in naming a guardian, attorney in fact, or trustee should always be considered when having a trust, will, or similar legal documents prepared.  Having Guardian Care Management named as standby enables us to step in if the primary person named is unable or unwilling to perform their duty.  We see many instances where only one person is named in a power of attorney document and when the time comes for the document to be put into use there is no one who is willing or able to tackle the responsibility.  Many times the people who are designated in the document are too elderly to serve in this difficult role or they are deceased.  This is common, for example, when parents are named as guardian for those with developmental disability or when a spouse is named as attorney in fact in a durable power of attorney document.   Appointing Guardian Care Management in this capacity gives you peace of mind in knowing a professional and experienced team will be there to follow your direction.  Our team understands the importance of confidentiality, loyalty, and responsibility.

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