Durable Power of Attorney

Guardian Care Management may serve as power of attorney if you would like to be assured your wishes are followed. If there are family members who would have difficulty following your wishes or family that may disagree with one another, Guardian Care Management can ensure all your needs and desires are met to your instruction.

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Durable Power of Attorney

A durable power of attorney (DPOA) is a legal document prepared by an attorney for Guardian Care Management to be named.  The durable power of attorney may be general or specific.  A general DPOA would permit us to pay your bills, sell assets, transact business, and manage overall financial affairs on your behalf.  Guardian Care Management, as your agent, would be a partner to assist you in your basic financial tasks.  You may revoke the Durable Power of Attorney at any time.  The DPOA may only be put into place by a client who is competent and agrees to financial management.  Guardian Care Management must follow the instructions laid out in your Durable Power of Attorney document and, where there is discretion, act in your best interest.  Our agency keeps accurate records of all financial transactions and will provide you, or someone else you name, with an accounting.

The DPOA may be very specific and state that Guardian Care Management is permitted to perform only a specific service or act only when you have a temporary or permanent lack of mental capacity.  It is the “durable” portion of the Power of Attorney document that permits continued decision making powers after you are no longer able to make decisions. We would ask you to define in the document a doctor or other qualified medical professional to determine incapacity.  Guardian Care Management may serve as DPOA if you have no family or friends that are willing or able to do so or to remove the responsibility from those who may be unable or unwilling to fulfill the obligation.

Choosing someone you trust and who knows your wishes is very important when appointing an attorney-in-fact.  It is important to choose someone who can be assertive in the event there is concern that caregivers or family members may attempt to disregard your wishes.  Another option is to name Guardian Care Management as an alternate in the event your primary agent cannot serve because they are unavailable or unable to do so, which is common when naming a spouse.

Our agency is a team that you can trust.  Our agency routinely makes important decisions for others.  Guardian Care Management offers trustworthy service at a price that is significantly less than appointment of an attorney.  We provide 24 hour availability with a promise to be there when you need us.

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