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Guardian Care Management is among the top providers of care management in Western Washington.  Our agency has a team that is compassionate and caring. We have experience in providing support for medical services, fiduciary needs, and residential assistance.  The Guardian Care Management team is dependable, trustworthy, and committed to being professional to our clients and their families.

CONTACT US:  We look forward to assisting you with your need for care management services. Please contact us for information or for a no cost initial screening at 253-549-9263 or email us at info@GuardianCareManagement.com     Learn more.

OUR TEAM: Guardian Care Management has earned the respect of attorneys, accountants, investment advisors, and our clients because of our reliability and professionalism.  Our years of experience include working with people who have diagnoses like cancer, dementia, developmental disability, mental illness, and others.  We have worked with Trusts, Rental Properties, and Veteran’s benefits.   Guardian Care Management is always on your side, working to uphold our commitment to you and be an advocate for your wishes and preferences.     Learn more.

EDUCATION AND EXPERIENCE:  Guardian Care Management is among the top providers of care management, fiduciary, and advocate services in the Puget Sound Area.  We are professionals who will provide knowledgeable and trustworthy advocacy on your behalf.   We believe in continuing education and we choose classes that benefit and update our knowledge in nursing, guardianship, finance and care management.   Our staff members have experience making educated and appropriate decisions which are supported by client direction.    Learn more.

FEES: We offer affordable, personalized service that you won’t necessarily find at a large institution.  Guardian Care Management works hard to keep costs low and offer quality outside referrals, if appropriate, to lower your costs.  Please call our office to discuss benefits that may be available for you or your family member. Learn more.

Guardian Care Management
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